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Each new year brings an opportunity for splashing trends and creative designs in event planning. This year we’ll see some changes in preferred color themes, time of day for events, mixed decor, and a flair for the artistic. We’ve done some research and we think the best party themes of 2019 will be…

Elegant Dinner Parties

Dinner parties with rich flavors, formal attire, and elegant decor will be much in favor this year. A great part of the trend is due to the hugely popular PBS TV production Downton Abbey.

In this turn-of-the-century drama, the Crawley family is frequently portrayed attending their nightly formal dinners in which everyone must dress up with full garb including opera length gloves for the women and coat tails for the men. Check out this photo of the Downton Abbey cast in formal wear for examples.

Events in 2015 will do well to imitate the styling of the set and beauty of formality. A wedding ballroom is the perfect venue for a formal event like this.

Breakfast for Lunch

Hosting a late morning or lunch-time event is a great opportunity to make a huge family style breakfast fiesta.

In the past, not many events are traditionally held at this time of day. However, it makes travel easier for out-of-town guests — they can arrive Friday evening and leave Saturday evening, if needed. Some budget-friendly brides and grooms, businesses, and event planners are making note and taking advantage. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy eating breakfast for lunch?

Marsala Red

The Pantone “Color of the Year” is Marsala red. This deep and rustic hue will be found throughout all aspects of fashion, beauty, home, and industrial products for all of 2019.

Despite the color’s natural tendency toward Fall and Christmas themes, it can also be beautifully tailored for Spring and Summer. Nautical, rose garden, and vintage themes all lend themselves beautifully to incorporating Marsala red touches.

Expect to see Marsala red infiltrate everything in event planning this year from the fashion of guests, the linens and decor, to the choices in catering.

Artistic Flair

Event hosts want their events to standout as offering something unique and exciting. Adding an artistic flair is one way many have found to accomplish this goal.

For example live event painter Arlissa Vaughn offers services to create custom portrait paintings on-site while guests watch on throughout the day. Custom artwork invitations are also an evoking way to express creativity for the event. Many DIY crafters will continue to find inspiration on Pinterest and other venues, while those less craft-oriented can offer that guests decorate their own cookie, ornament, or other trinket on-site as a personalized take-home favor.

Mixed Decor

Mixing and matching different kinds of furniture, table displays, dinnerware, and lighting is one way to have your event instantly attract attention. Combining pieces from different time periods, color ranges, themes, and sizes quickly draws guests in to discover what’s around the room. Check out the mixed decor at this wedding for an idea starter.

Which of these trending 2019 event themes will you include for your next occasion? Let us help with everything from planning to lighting displays to decor and table linens. Contact us to find out how we can make your dream a reality!

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