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January 17, 2019
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Wedding Ideas

Here comes the bride, here comes the bride! Nearly every woman on this planet dreams about her wedding day, or at least that’s what they say. And I’m sure a few men out there fancy that wonderful occasion of unity as well. One thing is for sure, once you announce that engagement, everyone you know will have some sort of wedding ideas to offer. I’m not saying they’ll be good or bad. Most likely you’ll receive some of both. The most important thing here is to NOT lose sight of what you really want.

When I announced to my family that I was engaged to my girlfriend of 5 years, every relative tossed me their two cents. “Oh, you should have your wedding in a large church. Maybe you and your fiance would like a destination wedding. You should have the reception at this particular venue.” The list went on and on. After entertaining infinite wedding ideas from relatives, my side and her side, my bride-to-be and I sat down for a little chat. We were determined to do this thing our way, and our way only. When it comes down to it, the wedding and honeymoon is for you, the couple, not your family and friends. Sure, they can come and join in on the celebration, but on your terms. Makes perfect sense to me.

Now, not every couple is flooded with awesome wedding ideas and honeymoon spots from their friends and family. Some may even have some difficulty deciding on a venue for the ceremony. Well, let me offer some valuable information. Imagine the places you and your fiance love and dream about. Consider the locations you’ve always wanted to visit. Do you want a large wedding, or would you really prefer a private ceremony? The truth is when you decide to tie the knot with someone special, there shouldn’t be any stress and chaos involved. You shouldn’t be getting angry at caterers or bride’s maids. This is a day of celebration. It’s often ruined by lame and minuscule issues that hardly matter when looking at the big picture. I just wanted to offer this wedding advice to any who’ve yet to be wed. When it comes to wedding ideas, the most important is to do what you as a couple prefer. It’s not called YOUR special day for anything.

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